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Q: What is it?

A: The Boat Tote is an innovative all-in-one rod, tool, tackle, and personal gear holder that clamps to the gunnel of your boat.


Q: How does it work?

A: Simply drop the Boat Tote over the gunnel of any small boat having a 2.5" width gunnel or less, slide the bottom mounted sliding shelf to level the tote, and securely clamp it on using the jackscrew on the front face. 


Q: Will it scratch my boat?

A: No, the body of the Boat Tote and the sliding shelf have an EVA rubber protective strip around them which will protect the gunnel of your boat while the self-levelling foot on the jack screw has a PE plastic foot to ensure it will not scratch your boat.


Q: What are they made of?

A: Each Boat Tote body is made of 6061 aluminum alloy that is powder coated black with a nice light sand texture. The rod and tool holders are made of moulded PE plastic and the top is machined from HDPE. All of the hardware is made from stainless steel with PE plastic thumbscrews.


Q: How does the Boat Tote come packaged?

A: The Boat Tote will arrive in a cardboard box with cardboard protective inserts. We are proud to offer foam-free packaging that is 100% recyclable!


Q: Will it fit on my boat? I have an oddly shaped gunnel. 

A: As long as the top lip of the gunnel of your boat is 2.5" or narrower the Boat Tote will drop over the gunnel, allowing you to level it with the sliding shelf underneath and then clamp it securely using the jack screw. 


Q: I have got a fish finder that I would like to clamp or fasten to my Boat Tote – is that possible?

A: For sure it is!  If you’d like to fasten a fish finder, GPS, or virtually anything else to your Boat Tote you can either use one of the four ¼" x 20 SS threaded inserts we’ve installed on the sides of the Boat Tote (one each on the sides and two on the front face above the main jack screw) or you can simply drill the top in a convenient location and install it where you feel it is in the best location for you using washers, nuts, and bolts (not provided).


Q: Where can I put the batteries for my fish finder?

A: The center shelf of your Boat Tote slides out and can be removed, allowing most batteries to fit in the bottom of the Tote. There is also a hole in the intermediate shelf that will allow you to run your wiring harness through it and connect to your batteries. 


Q: What other products are available from Boat Tote?

A: Products are always in development, and we anticipate launching new products very soon! Join our mailing list for updates and special offers.


Q: I am buying this as a gift and I’m not sure if it will fit on the boat it is intended for. Is there a way to verify that it will work?

A: Our research has demonstrated that most commonly available small fibreglass and aluminum boats have a gunnel width of 2.5" or less, so the Boat Tote will work with most small boats. In any case, the product can be returned for a full refund in compliance with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee return policy. Check out our return policy here: SHIPPING/RETURNS


Q: Where can I get spare parts for my Boat Tote?

A: Contact customer support at 1 (888) 514-1663 or and one of our friendly Customer Support Representatives will happily assist you.