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Boat Tote

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The Boat Tote is an innovative all-in-one rod, tool, tackle, and personal gear holder that clamps to the gunnel of your boat and provides a rod holder, tool holder, beverage holder, gear holder, and a platform for other products such as fish finders, GPS, or other devices to mount to.

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  • Boat Tote
  • Rod Holder
  • Tool Holder + Arm
  • Instruction Manual


  • Model #: BTR-701
  • Dimensions: L 14" x W 14" x H 9.1"
  • Weight: 10.12 lbs (4.66 kg)
  • Color: Black
  • Material: 6061-aluminum alloy body that is powder coated black with a light sand texture
  • Includes: Beverage and cell phone holders on the machined HDPE top
  • EVA rubber protectors on the gunnel channel
  • EVA rubber pads for easy hook and lure storage
  • Moulded PE rod and tool holders
  • All stainless-steel fasteners and thumbscrews with ergonomically friendly moulded knobs
  • PU feet
  • 1 removable shelf 
  • 1 sliding shelf underneath to allow for levelling during deployment
  • Moulded PE rod and tool holder arms can be removed and placed on either side of the Boat Tote, depending on which side you wish your rod holder to be on relative to the side of the boat you are fishing from
  • 1⁄4” x 20 NC stainless-steel thumbscrews with moulded PE knobs for attaching rod and tool arms and other devices, making it easy to source extra hardware if necessary
  • 1⁄2” x 13 NC stainless-steel jack screw with moulded PE knob for the main clamp, making it extraordinarily strong and fast to deploy
  • Self-centering foot on jack screw with moulded PE protector will not scratch your boat
  • EVA pads on each side for hook and lure holding for fast access to your gear
  • Moulded EVA rubber weatherstripping to protect your boat against scratching from the Boat Tote
  • Levelling shelf underneath unit simply place the Boat Tote over your gunnel, slide the shelf underneath until the Boat Tote sits level, and tighten the jack screw
  • Levelling shelf allows the unit to fit virtually any style of gunnel from canoes to johnboats to cartoppers and everything in between, as long as the width of the gunnel is 2.75or less
  • Shelf can be removed to allow for larger items to be stored in the bottom.
  • Extra 1⁄4” x 20 NC threaded inserts are installed in the front of the Boat Tote to allow people to customize their units and mount other devices such as fish finders, GPS units, or other electronics as well as
         spare leader spools and extra line
  • HDPE top can be easily drilled and more devices mounted to the top using bolts, washers, and nuts (not provided)
  • Many people take their Boat Totes with them in side-by-side rides or even in their vehicles as a handy place to keep your personal effects organized



Boat Tote Technical Drawings with Dimensions



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